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Amazon Ads Management Agency

Prolific Zone is excited to offer a combination of Ai + Human Amazon advertising services.
Prolific Zone always offered full-service seller central account management to sellers, which includes ads, but now this service is the elite of Amazon Advertising.

With Amazon growing, it became a key player in the market, and sellers that have an edge are the ones winning.

Amazon and Walmart PPC Management

Prolific Zone always had the expertise to manage Amazon Advertising accounts, but now, besides the rule-based and human campaign management, we added AI.

We’ll help you optimize your ad spend and increase the potential for ROI.
Among other services, PZ offers management on other ecommerce platforms like Walmart and Shopify.

Selling with ads
Perfect listings to run ads

Only Run Ads To Perfect Listings

When running ads on Walmart or Amazon, you don’t just send your customers to a custom high-converting landing page, most times they simply land on your product listing.

You don’t want an advertising agency that doesn’t fix your listings, in order to get a higher conversion on the pay-per-click.

The listing must be perfect. With perfect images, video, and convincing copywriting.
It must make the visitor imagine themselves using the product, and know for sure this is the best option they have.


Sponsored Keyword Ranking

Not all Ad campaigns have the intention of simply selling products.
Sometimes campaigns are created with the purpose of ranking specific keywords higher organically.

In these types of ads, you pay today to rank keywords so you get free sales from that position in the future.

Prolific Zone has a process that finds the easier keywords to rank and targets those on separate exact-match campaigns, so you can gain fast organic rankings

PPC Advertising


Amazon PPC can be done for different reasons. The most common is to sell more products and those campaigns should always be ran at a profitable RoAS.
But sometimes sellers prefer to run some campaigns with higher bids, simply to dominate a certain keyword or even to increase their organic rank on a search term.
These 2 types of advertising campaigns don’t always have to be profitabble immedialty, but their return will be done in the form of organic sales.

You will oftern see the answer is 3 months. Althoug for Amazon that is NOT CORRECT.

Remember Amazon PPC is not like Google ads of facebook ads, where the algorithm will learn about your campaign, because FB or Google don’t knoow your products or your brand.

Amazon already knows your product category, the sub category, the keywords on your listing and it also knows who your buyers are (in most cases) unless this is a product launch.

So it is possible to create a campaign for an existing product, and have a positive ROAS from day 1. This obviously changes for brand new product launches.

Well, they are diferent things, so the answer isnt always the same for everyone. On PPC you always have to pay, but SEO (search engine optimization) is possible to achieve some extent for free, if you know how to do it yourself. In most cases outside of Amazon SEO has a big cost, that can pay for itself overtime, while PPC should pay for itself fast 9if done right)

Yes. Not only they can, but they should work together in order to increase conversion on your relevant search terms.

Not just on Amazon, but on any online platfor that you sell on.

No, Amazon PPC is not necessary or mandatory, but It is highly recommended if you want to sand out and have your product be seen.

Remember, you can have the best product in the world, at the best price, but if nobody can find it, nobody will buy it!

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

The famous amazon ppc vs google ppc.
One is not better than the other one, they are simply diferent.
On Google you have to carefully select keywords that have buyer intent, so you don’t wants money on searches that are purelly informative. While on Amazon the client is there already to buy something, almost all keyword searches on Amazon have buyer intent, therefore less waste.

We need to look at the campaign to see what the problem is, but I would imagine it has to do with either low relevancy, low bids or product supressed for ads

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Time is money, and money is money!
Don’t lose both trying to run your own ads.

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