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What we are good at

Expert eCommerce Seller Services for Increased Sales

Listing Creation and Optimization

Why do we need to optimize the listings on Amazon?
We can have the best product in the world, at the cheapest price but if nobody finds your product, guaranteed nobody will buy it.
We take care of everything related to your product listings, from ensuring they're in the right category and come with a SKU to writing a detailed product description.

Market Intelligence

Knowing what to sell, how to sell it, who else is selling it, and above all, your odds of outselling the rest.
With our proprietary algorithm, we not only measure the viability of launching new products but predict the success of existing product growth

Branding & Strategy

Positioning your brand to gain subscribers, followers and gaining brand relevancy.
In order to build a strong brand, it is important to have an effective positioning strategy.
This includes understanding your target audience, developing a unique selling proposition, and creating an identity that resonates with them.

Sponsored Ads - Amazon PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, this is a way to advertise your products by bidding on keywords so your product shows up on the 1st page even before you rank organically on that position.
We work with Amazon to make sure we can offer you a content and advertising solution that really works.
Our team consists of eCommerce marketing experts who have been accredited by Amazon.

Enhanced Brand Content

You should let us make your product's brand content more complete by pointing out the benefits.
This will allow you to attract more customers and also give them a better idea of what your product does.
The content will be perfectly laid out with images to accompany the product descriptions.

System Analytics

We provide you with monthly analytics on your brand's performance online. Included are sales, inventory, fees, keyword indexing, return of ad spend, advertising costs, and profits.
We provide our clients with a complete picture of how their marketing budget is spent in order to make better decisions moving forward.

Brand Registry & Trademark

Registering your brand on Amazon is one of the very important steps. Working with our Amazon account management team, expect that we'll actively manage each process and submit your documents as needed.
We'll help you prevent counterfeiters from hijacking your brand by filtering them out before they can damage your reputation.

Listing (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Boosting your organic rankings is never a problem when you work with our team of experts.
We know keywords are key to increasing your visible brand on Amazon.
Using only the most relevanct and profitable keywords for your product, including long-tail keywords and phrases.

Product Launch

Way too many people concentrate on the wrong things while selling their products on Amazon
Get the buzz you want for your brand with our product launch promotion services.
You can be sure that we'll put together a strategic and efficient marketing campaign for you to get the word out about your products and get feedback from happy customers.

The secret formula of maintaining customers online, is not so secret after all.

We show results in our amazon account management services.
Many amazon account management companies lock you in to contracts even if there are no results.

Getting new customers is the easy part, but making sure they keep coming back month after month is where we win.

Every day looking for another 1% to make the listing better, fine tuning PPC and making sure the algorithms know we exist.

Get Your Free Listing Analysis

Get a confidential analyses of an Amazon or Walmart listing, from the copywriting to the images and SEO