The Complete Guide to Amazon Brand Registry and Why It’s Important for Your Business

What Is Brand Registry On Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that allows sellers to protect their brands, after verifying they have a trademark (or pending application) for the brand.

Brand Registry gives access to extra advertising types, enhanced analytics reporting tools, store creation, having their own Amazon vanity URL, and new seller incentives of over USD 50K.

Amazon sellers can register a trademark and submit proof to Amazon so they have complete control over the product descriptions for the brand.



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What Are The Benefits of Having an Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Extra Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics lets you review data that provides insights into various aspects of your professional life, including orders, traffic, and shipping. These metrics give you an overview of how your brand is performing on Amazon. Brands will be able to get more insight into their customers with the help of AI. This can include key analytics like search queries, cart analysis, forecast, and inventory planning. 

  • Buyer engagement tools

Amazon Storefronts is a useful perk for registered sellers. Amazon provides a Stores Builder with step-by-step guidance, which helps you create your storefront and organize all of your products in one place.

Product videos are also a good way to attract more buyers and convert them into customers.
Amazon Live Creator is a new app for brands, which means the possibility to add stories about the company and interactive live streams.

Your Brand Store is the only place on Amazon where you’re the only retailer. You don’t have to worry about competing with other sellers or having your product suggestions and advertising done by competitors.

  • Brand and listing protection

Amazon has a customer service team for customer reporting issues. This includes wrong product details, technical fixes like page loading problems, and others. You can report any Amazon Marketplace violations such as product review manipulations or reports for “Not As Described”. You can also submit an IP infringement claim if you find suspected counterfeit goods.

  • Sponsored Brand Ads

These are ads, shown at the top of the Amazon search page and paid for per click. You can design the way your products appear in these ads, and use them to increase sales and brand awareness.

When people click on products from your ads, they will be taken directly to your store or even a landing page with your products. Similarly, if people click on your logo or brand name, customers will be taken to the storefront for a more comprehensive look at all of your products.

  • Advanced customization like Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon’s A+ Content Manager is a service that provides a lot of additional customization options for product listings. This can help make your products stand out from all the others in your industry. Sellers can also conveniently update listings at the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) level, preview listings on mobile devices, and create templates to help generate language variations. According to Amazon marketing materials, adding A+ Content increases interaction and conversion.

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Requirements For Amazon Brand Registry

Only brands with a registered or pending trademark are eligible to apply to Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry requirements are mentioned on Amazon’s website under ‘eligibility’ in the FAQ.

Do I need to use Amazon’s IP Accelerator if I don’t have a fully registered trademark?

No, IP Accelerator was a way to fast-forward trademark registrations and Brand Registry on Amazon, up until 2019. But in 2019 Amazon started allowing the use of Trademark serial numbers of pending trademarks. This means that the same day you apply to register a trademark, you are allowed to use that serial number to apply for a Brand Registry