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Build a brand with Amazon, but don't build a brand ONLY on Amazon

You may hear often people saying "build a Amazon brand" but the reality is you don't want to build a Amazon brand, you want to simply build a brand, and sell that brand on Amazon!
Amazon may still be number one, but there are hundreds of other online stores, where you can sell your branded products.

What is an Amazon brand?

Let me start by saying that I don’t really like the term Amazon Brand unless it is actually a brand owned by Amazon.

What people refer to as Amazon brands, are normally brands created to sell products exclusively on Amazon.
These brands consist mostly of Private Label Brands, Wholesale Brands, or Retail Arbitrage Brands.

Although we love selling on Amazon, and tell everyone they should sell their products in the Amazon marketplace, we also recommend using several other marketplaces, and even their own website.

Launching on amazon
WHY SELL on amazon

why should I sell on amazon?

In very simple terms, the best reason is that the whole world is buying on Amazon, and you must go where the buyers are.
On top of that, is the trust that users have gained while buying on Amazon, which allows for very high conversion rates, that you would NEVER achieve on another website.

If your product is not available on Amazon, it’s guaranteed that you are missing out on what all brands want. SALES


How to build a BRAND on amazon ?

First things first:

Your logo is not your brand and your product is not your brand

I feel the need to mention that because I hear many people talk about their “designing my brand” when they mean designing a logo!


To build your brand on Amazon, you need to have a few things:

  • The Idea 
    Everything starts with an idea
  • The plan
    Plan what you are going to do, and how you want to do it. the plan can and often will be changed to adjust to a new direction
  • A niche
    You can’t be everything to everyone, so select your niche and put study your potential customers. 
    Who is your audience, what do they like, why they like it, and imagine how they feel when they get it
  • A brand name
    Every brand needs to have a name.
    Even the brand called  “No Name” has a genius name. Make sure that name fits your needs, is easy to memorize, and fits with your audience.
  • A logo for the brand ( yes you do need one)
    Many people spend t much time and money on the logo, but I hate to tell you it is not that complicated. Actually, the logos of the biggest companies on the planed are super simple. 
    If you think about It, Nike has a checkmark that was coined a swosh, Apple has an Apple, and Amazon has the letter A with an arrow  (All these logos were created before the companies were famous)
  • A domain for your brand
    I do not name a brand if I can’t get the Dot Com domain for that name.
    It doesn’t make sense to spend marketing dollars on a brand that someone else will how the main website for.
    So, either the domain is available, or I try to buy it or simply rename my brand.
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