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Benefits of Using an Amazon Agency

Most sellers think that doing FBA and all their selling activities like order fulfillment, customer support, invoicing and reporting, etc are handled by Amazon.
So, why hire a full-time Amazon FBA agency for seller account management?


Yes, some operations on Amazon seller central are on autopilot but there are a lot of tasks that are the core business of online selling and need regular monitoring, such as PPC campaigns that need expert supervision to keep them within targets, or search engine optimization (SEO) that is required since Amazon is a search engine.


You can break it if you are not an expert in this business. Professional Amazon account management services, can help you to take care of your online business.
To boost your Amazon listing and organic keyword ranking, you need to outsource certain tasks to sustain your business in the market.

Benefits of Using an Amazon Agency

What Does an Amazon Agency Do?

Brands and sellers hire Amazon agencies to maximize their Amazon presence.
There are several types of services offered to sellers, like:

  • External traffic advertising agency

  • Listing optimization agency

  • Product listings agency

  • Full-service amazon agency

  • Amazon PPC services

  • Web development agency

  • Product photography agency

  • Account health and reinstatement agency

Most of the names are self-explanatory, but here are some of the services covered:

  • Product research

  • Product sourcing and logistics

  • Listing images and A+ content creation

  • Keyword research

  • Advertising or Sponsored ads

  • Amazon SEO

  • Brand registry services

  • Listing optimization

  • Amazon PPC management

  • Account management

  • Customer support

  • Handling cases, and much more!

Moreover, an Amazon agency can also provide other services such as complete management solutions if you’re doing FBM, wholesale, or drop shipping.

When & Why Do You Need Services of Amazon Agency?

Not everyone needs to hire an expert for her/his seller account. If you know the basics of this business and have ample free time then try to do it yourself. Start with small, for example, do FBA wholesale to learn how it works and expand when you’ll be confident in your skills.

If you are selling multiple products on Amazon and your business is running on multiple seller accounts, you obviously can’t handle all the activities by yourself. You’ll need the help of a professional team to manage and control the processes of your online business, save time and do the heavy lifting in the marketing space.

Other Benefits of Using an Amazon Agency (4)

Benefits of Using the Services of an Amazon Agency

There may be a lot of benefits to collaborating with a professional team. Here are some major benefits you can expect from the services of these experts.

A to Z services:

You’ll get all the services under one roof. You won’t have to hire separate freelancers for your different stages of Amazon selling. If you are thinking of starting an online business part-time, it will be harder for you to give it time from your busy schedule.

In most cases your work will start with product research, then you have to source the product, after that listing optimization, launching and running, and then managing the account. It will increase your cost of business if you hire professionals one after another for each stage.

An agency could help you by providing all the services from product research to account management to make it easy and affordable. Agencies have dedicated teams for each segment of Amazon’s business.

24/7 support

Most agencies have a vast workforce and they can work 24 hours a day with 12 hours shifts. They are well organized and provide 24/7 support. This exclusive facility can help you a lot and both you and your employees are not bound to different time zones.

A professional agency responds within 30 minutes to any query of their client. You can immediately get help if there is any emergency related to your seller account.


Suppose you are doing it for the first time, you’ll make a lot of mistakes, and there is a possibility that you might lose your investment if this business isn’t started with the proper foundation.

There are some precautions to follow and prerequisites to fulfill before starting a business on Amazon. A minor mistake at the start can ruin all your efforts.

The agency experts will help you to start your Amazon online store without making any glitches. Agencies are well-versed and have up-to-date knowledge about Amazon marketplaces.

You don’t know what you don’t know! This is my favorite and most accurate saying when it comes to selling online.
From what the algorithms are looking for, to how to build your brand or Amazon businesses, to strategic planning, customer satisfaction, and new ideas to increase your engagement with potential customers.

Help Growing and Scaling Your Business

You can be a multi-tasker but handling big businesses need a team of professionals for a successful business expansion. Agencies cover almost every Amazon marketplace and enable businesses to grow and scale around the globe.

It would be a dream come true to do business globally within the comfort of your home. You need a laptop and a fast internet connection and you are all set to a step forward to own an international brand.


Suppose you’re going to hire full-time employees, it would cost you a lot of money and liabilities. You’ll need a fully loaded office plus you’ll also have to fulfill some governmental conditions and all above this you would also have to pay tax for that business.

Amazon professional agencies work remotely and you can hire them on freelance platforms within your budget. However, the quality of work might be compromised if you try to find low-cost services.

Location and time independence

The beauty of e-commerce is that all your business is on your laptop and you’re not bound to any office. Moreover, it gives convenience and liberty to execute all organizational operations within a few clicks. All you need to do is turn on your laptop and log in to your amazing online business.

This convenience enables you to hire any professional from any corner of the world who can take care of your business. Being an online marketplace, Amazon allows you to hire assistants for your listings to manage this wonderful business.

Whether you are out for a trip or traveling to any other country, you won’t need to worry about your business as your Amazon listing is going with you on the laptop. Your hired employees are taking care of your business and you can check their activities anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the charming location and time independence.

Saves your time

Handling seller accounts on Amazon can be a daunting task if you’re doing a full-time job or running a brick-and-mortar store. You’ll already have a tight schedule and it’ll be much harder for you to excrete a few hours to manage your online business. An agency can be a perfect solution to your time crunch.

Helps to generate passive income

Do you want to earn money when you sleep?
It’s a dream of most people to make money with passive income sources. An Amazon agency can fulfill your dream of generating passive income and can provide you with the best source of income in the form of your online Amazon store.

Benefits of Using the best Amazon Agency

How to Get the Best Services After Hiring?

Here are a few tips on how to get the best services from agencies. You can maximize productivity by following these important points.

Gain Knowledge about Amazon Business

An Amazon business takes time to master. Don’t hire the services of any Amazon FBA agency until you have sufficient knowledge about that agency, especially if they want to force you into a contract.
Find an agency that doesn’t force you to stay for x amount of days or months, and instead delivers the growth you expect.

Amazon regularly introduces the latest features to facilitate its seller community. Keep yourself updated about the latest improvements, and innovations introduced by Amazon.

Be Vigilant

Don’t put all the responsibilities on your hired agency. You need to be vigilant and updated about the daily history of your online business, and ask questions.

Please remember that the agencies are already occupied with a lot of clients and they are used to manage various accounts. Such a heavy workload creates a chance that they might get irresponsible if you don’t keep a regular check on them.

So, it’s upon you to keep them on track by having a regular pulse check on developments happening in your account. In short, poke them regularly.

Schedule Regular Meetings

Keep in touch with the representative of your agency and schedule regular meetings to keep proper checks and balances. Prepare a list of the points you want to get explained from them. Ask them authentic questions to judge their ability.

In this way, a sense of responsibility will prevail among them and they will be aware of being accountable for any mishandling.
The most trustworthy full-service agencies offer proven results by working with you in a performance-based format. In this case, if the full-service agency delivers results you keep working with them month after month, and if they don’t reach your marketing goals or growth potential, then you simply jump ship

If an Amazon agency asks you to lock in their services for 90 days or 6 months or any amount of time, you should immediately think twice!

Track their Progress

Track their progress regularly. Ask them about the pending work and upcoming tasks that they will do next and keep monitoring their workflow. How efficiently they complete the assignments and how they handle the operations of your account.

For example, you hired an Amazon marketing agency to manage your amazon advertising, and deal with Amazon support. Your job is to keep observing the key metrics ACOS, ROAS, conversion rate, etc. In this way, you can keep them engaged.

Don’t blindly trust the full-service agency

Online platforms are filled with professionals who boast about their skills without having any practical experience. Some Amazon sellers give up selling because they couldn’t cut it and decide to create an Amazon marketing agency to help others with those same failed skills.

You need to hunt for the right service because it’s your hard-earned money that you never want to waste.

Do regular inspections and start parallel hiring for your low-performing listings. This way, you’ll be able to try and test multiple agency services that will eventually help you to find out the most reliable and trustworthy team of professionals.

Preferably choose a performance-based full-service agency with lots of expertise and focus on healthy growth. Where instead of taking advantage of loopholes, tricks, and grey hat, they have a good strategy to increase customer and client retention.

Let’s Conclude

There are many benefits to using the services of an Amazon agency. They can help you with product research, listing optimization, PPC campaigns, and more.

They also have a lot of experience dealing with different Amazon marketplaces, and they can help you to navigate all over the world where Amazon is present.

The bottom line is that if you want to succeed on Amazon, it is worth working with an agency. Doing so will give you a significant advantage over your competitors and you avoid the learning period by making mistakes that will hurt your business goals, or drain your advertising budget.

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Full-Service Agency FAQ

What is an FBA agency?

Amazon marketplace management companies can assist with tasks you don’t want to do, or don’t know how. They can do the work of advertising on Amazon, like optimizing display ads, sponsored products, or searching for keywords from competitor listings.

What is the difference between a full-service agency and a specialized agency?

A full-service company can advise on the development or implementation of a strategy measurable in the field of branding and advertising, and can also execute those tasks. Unlike traditional agencies, the small-scale focus allows for the development of skills within one particular area.

What is Amazon Search engine optimization?

Amazon SEO is listing Optimization for the search algorithm. Almost all Amazon marketing agencies could potentially help you with that if they have a marketing plan and enough research.

Can off-amazon digital marketing agencies run ads to my Amz listings or only full-service agencies?

Great question and the answer is simple. Digital marketing or full-service agencies that have experience with Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Tik Tok, etc, can certainly run ads to your amazon listings or even to your store.
If you have Brand Registry, you can even use Amazon Attribution for those ads.

Do amazon marketing agencies have to be in the same country as me?

Not necessarily, since you don’t need to physically enter a boutique agency or meet them in person. The location of the marketing agency is, in most cases irrelevant.

Should I hire an Amazon Marketing Agency for my Business?

The short answer is yes if you pick the right one.
It’s best that Amazon agencies work with you to reach your goals and help grow your online business. The team  you hire should be specialized in many disciplines, allowing you to reach more clients and increase sales of your products and brand awareness

How much does it cost to hire a full-service Amazon agency?

The costs to hire full-service marketplace management services depends on the quality of the team you hire, how big the brand is, and the types of management strategies that are planned.
The default is a base fee, plus a percentage of the growth. This is different from Amazon seller fees

At prolific Zone, for example, there’s a base monthly fee and 5% of the growth caused by the team. (A 90-day average of previous sales is performed before start)

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