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How To Sell Your Products on Walmart Marketplace

There is no denying that in 2023 Amazon is still the leading name in the world of eCommerce. However, that does not mean that many brands out there are sticking to just one channel to sell their products. Many are looking to alternative options like Walmart.com to benefit from the increase in visibility and sales.

There are now over 100,000 third-party sellers on Walmart Seller Central and that number is set to continue to rise beyond 2023.
The evidence of that is the fact that more than 31,000 of the sellers currently operating on the platform, only joined in 2021. As Walmart has recently opened up the marketplace to allow international sellers to use it too, there are only signs of its popularity ballooning rather than shrinking.

Are you intrigued by all the hype surrounding Walmart Seller center, and feel you have what it takes to become the kind of third-party seller Walmart welcomes with open arms, but are not sure where to begin?

Even if you still need convincing that Walmart Seller Central is for you, we’ve got you covered as we dissect and provide more information and insight into using Walmart’s marketplace.

Walmart Seller 3rd party

Walmart is a large retail store that offers a wide range of products for its customers. Marketplace sellers can list their products on Walmart’s website and make them available for purchase to consumers.

Walmart also offers fulfillment services to help sellers manage their inventory and ship their products to customers.

The Walmart seller center is a helpful resource for marketplace sellers, providing tools and support to manage their listings and ensure high-quality customer service.

Walmart stores are located across the country, providing convenient access for customers to shop in person and take advantage of the wide selection of products available.


Why Bother Selling on Walmart in the First Place?

This is a valid question that many people have, especially if they are already busy making sales on other platforms like Amazon.
However, rather than seeing it as a nuisance or another complicated stream to keep track of, you should look at the positives and take note that Walmart is one of the digital sector’s fastest-growing marketplaces and with each update, is becoming easier for brands and sellers to use and take advantage of the huge customer base the supermarket and retail giant attracts.


How Do You Start Selling On Walmart Marketplace?

If you want to take advantage of many of the advantages we have discussed and so much more as a third-party seller, you need to complete the rigorous but fair, five-step application process that includes:

  • Approval
  • Contract
  • Registration
  • Onboarding
  • Request Launch
Walmart 3rd party sellers

How Do You Qualify For Walmart Marketplace Selling?

For Walmart to consistently meet its high standards even when allowing third-party sellers to use its marketplace, there are several critical standard qualifications you need.


These qualifications cover three specific areas:

  • Experience in eCommerce.
  • Having a compelling product catalog that will enhance rather than hamper Walmart’s existing offerings.
  • History that shows one of your primary focuses is of offering the best customer experience possible.


You also need the following:

  • US Business Tax Identification.
  • Form W8 or W9 and EIN Verification Letter that you received from the Department of Treasury. This also acts as verification of your US address or physical location where your business operates.
  • A detailed history highlighting your success in selling through eCommerce and marketplaces.
  • Catalog of competitive-priced products with corresponding GTIN and UPC GS1 numbers that will enhance the existing inventory available on Walmart.com.
  • Your plan for integration, that’s how you intend on uploading your catalog of products.
  • The main product categories, size of the catalog, and any other related information (such as the total number of SKUs you are looking to sell through Walmart in the beginning with verifiable UPC details and other information like whether your products are refurbished, brand new, used, etc.)
  • Sterling record of orders being fulfilled accurately and at speed, while providing first-class customer service at all times.
  • Access to a Walmart-approved third-party logistics fulfillment provider or a business-to-customer warehouse based in the US that can handle shipments and returns.

How To Sell On Walmart | Walmart Seller Account Application

You may be well-placed for your Walmart Sellers Application and learn to sell at Walmart

The Walmart.com market is historically extremely cautious about the sale of products and services on the company’s platforms.
They have a challenging application process and strict criteria that blocks many online retailers from selling on Walmart. However, it’s easier to expand your online shop with Walmart.com than it was in the past.

How To Apply To Be A Walmart Marketplace Seller?

Applying for a Walmart Seller account to sell on the Walmart marketplace is not hard.
What should I do before submitting my seller’s application?

  • US tax number for businesses (business tax id). (SSN isn’t accepted).

  • W9 or W8 and E-IN verification letter by the Department of Treasury, which validates a business address in the U.S. The PDF file must be attached.

  • The US corporate location. (Business address of physical operations)

  • Primary product categories, catalog dimensions, and other relevant details.

  • List of places where you sell besides the Walmart platform, and links to those product catalogs and stores.

  • Explain why you are a perfect fit to sell on Walmart.com

Signup to sell on walmart

Submit Your Application To Sell On Walmart

You can go straight to Walmart Marketplace to complete the application. During this step, you must give some information.
Set aside 10-15 mins for the completion of this project.
Walmart suggests using a Chrome browser on the site.
Approval Waits vary in proportion to size, qualifications, and skills. The buyer usually waits just two days for an answer, but I’ve heard reports that some wait several months. (I believe its due to a wrong Walmart marketplace sign up by the seller)

Once a business application for the Walmart website is received, Walmart will email you instructions for establishing a website.
You will be given your partner profile via email. The Signup Wizard explains the following step. Most steps require submitting standard data.
You can configure your delivery rates by entering your shipping data when completing your order or processing a request. Upon your registration, you’ll go into your partner/seller profiles.

Getting started: Choose an integration method

You can manage your company and post a complete catalog online at Walmart. Depending on how you have a product in your business you may upload your products using APIs, Bulk Uploads, or hybrids between both of these.
If you require additional support you could use the services provided by an alternative supplier. Walmart works with the leading solution providers to provide reliable services in ecommerce.
This includes order management, inventory fulfillment, prices, and many other functions.
Certain solutions providers are limited to specific functions whereas others offer complete services, like Prolific Zone.

Create your Walmart Product Listings In Seller Central

Let’s list our products on the Walmart marketplace.
This will help if anyone can find your product. It may be done either by hand or by utilizing the product feed. You can choose between product feeds and upload items to a catalog. Select one from the drop-down menu.

 TIP: For bulk uploading CSV files, there are two ways to set up matches or full item specifications. Walmart matches your item’s description to the images that have been created and will take more steps to complete an Excel file to complete the item’s specs.

Walmart third party seller

How Walmart Marketplaces Product Listings Appear

Once you have done all the hard work and uploaded the important information about the products you are selling, it’s wise to think about how these products will be displayed on the Walmart Marketplace results pages.

Once a query has been entered, the search results page will display the listings of products available on the marketplace.

Potential customers then can refine their search results by choosing specific fields in the navigation pane to the left of the listings. The available fields they can use depend on the type of items searched for and how specific they were with their initial search terms.


Making Walmart Marketplace Listings Stand Out

Although Walmart has put a lot of effort into making it as quick and simple to list products on its marketplace using Walmart Seller Central if you want to have success you need to use more than just the basics.

Some tips for making your listings stand out from the crowd include:

  • In addition to discussing the minimal details about your listing, try and use the most relevant keywords and useful specs, without using too much filler content. Your marketplace listing should help them find your product and motivate them to buy it
  • Walmart has its listing quality scoring system, known as the Walmart Optimization Triangle, that you should use as a guide. This judges listings on the content description quality, your specific offer, and customer experience
  • Regularly visit your Listing Quality Dashboard to make sure you are aware of any issues your listings may have and look for ways to improve your listings.

If you want to know more about selling on Walmart.com or how Walmart Seller Central, please contact

Guide to Using Walmart Seller Central

If you are successful in your application to become an authorized and approved third-party seller, you next need to get to grips with Walmart Seller Central. This is a self-service and intuitively designed platform that is used to upload and manage product listings and fulfill customer orders.

Although we could go into a lot of detail regarding what’s involved, rather than bombarding you, we thought it would be better to give you the basics to whet your appetite.

First, you need to log into Walmart Seller Central using your account details after being approved.
The next step is to select the products you are going to sell through Walmart. Ideally, you should start by selling your most popular products, while remembering that Walmart customers are looking for competitively low prices.

Next, you need to create your product content feed. Products can be uploaded in four ways:

  • Using the Walmart API.
  • As single items directly from the dashboard. This is ideal if you only intend on adding one or a small number of SKUs.
  • As bulk uploads using the template for Excel.
  • Working with a Walmart solution provider.


Upload the Product Content

As multiple users could be adding content related to the same products, Walmart uses special algorithms to decide which parts of the content provided will be displayed on item pages.

Sell on Walmart

Walmart Marketplace Benefits For Sellers

Why does your business need a presence at Walmart?

Walmart Marketplace is a great way to reach customers looking for products. Walmart has over 200 million visitors each month, which is a fantastic amount of traffic.

They’ve also worked on their search engine and now it returns accurate results, to clients shopping.

Walmart Marketplace offers the most competitive rates in the e-commerce industry and it’s the perfect platform for new businesses to grow their business on. It’s important for companies to have a presence on Walmart.com because it can help them reach out to their target audience and increase their sales.


What are the Benefits of Selling on the Walmart Marketplace?

The benefits of selling on the Walmart marketplace are that you can access over 100 million customers who are already familiar with the platform and trust them. You also have access to a variety of marketing tools, such as search ads and product ads, which make it easier for you to reach more potential customers.

Selling on Walmart online will help you grow your business faster and reach an audience that is probably not available on other sites.

benefits of selling on walmart

What Are Walmart Fulfilment Services And How Can It Benefit Your Ecommerce Business?

What is Walmart WFS?

Walmart Fulfilment Services is a department at Walmart that provides fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses (The 3rd party sellers). The company offers a wide variety of services, such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and logistics.

In other words, we can say it is the equivalent of Amazon FBA

How Walmart Fulfilment Process Works?

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and it has been selling products online for over 20 years. The company has a fulfillment process that starts with picking, packing, and shipping items to fulfill customer orders.

You ship your products to Walmart warehouses all over the country, and when the clients buy your product on walmart.com, they will deliver the product on your behalf

What Are The Fees For Selling On Walmart WFS?

Walmart fulfilment is now open to any Walmart seller, but there are fees associated with selling on the site. The fees vary depending on the type of seller you are, what you sell, where you store your products, and who ships your products. But they have very competitive pricing.

  • Walmart seller central login fee = $0

  • Product listing fee = $0

  • Walmart referral fee = between 8% and 15% depending on the product category, but most are 15% (charged on your gross sales)

  • The fees for Walmart WFS depend on your product size and weight. You can see the accurate WFS fees for your product by clicking HERE

  • Storage fees = Depend on the size of your products stored in Walmart fulfillment centers and the time of year (see image above)

Walmart WFS storage fees

Some questions from Walmart sellers about item setup and seller center resources

Receiving Payment from Walmart Seller Central is easy. Payments will be automatically deposited into your preferred bank account every two weeks.

Having a great product, good marketing, a PPC expert and optimized listings is always a plus.

The seller marketing team at Walmart is responsible for ensuring that sellers are able to increase their sales on the marketplace platform. This team does this by providing sellers with tools and best practices for achieving success. They also provide training and educational material for sellers so that they can reach a wider customer base through the Walmart Marketplace Platform.

After you have been approved you can log in at https://login.account.wal-mart.com/

Absoluttly, the walmart seller is the 3rd party seller, and that who this marketplace was built for. So even those without a retail location are welcome

After you login to walmart seller central you will see on the top menu an item named Ad Center, by clicking on it, it will redirect you to Walmart advertising at https://advertising.walmart.com/

Yes, it is Walmart’s responsibility if you are doing WFS. As for the reporting in your walmart seller central, it is very accurate and does display all orders, the customers and the shipping status.

Well that is not an easy one to answer. Walmart does not allow you to buy products from them to ship to your clients. But you are allowed to sell dropshipped products as a Walmart seller, that do not originate from Walmart itself.
Walmart Marketplace does have a B2B program where you can sell products to Walmart for resale. You can become a Walmart Supplier or a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV).

To apply to Walmart DSV check out https://supplier.walmart.com/home

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