What Are 3rd Party Sellers?


What Are 3rd Party Sellers? Third-party sellers are individuals or companies that sell products on Amazon and Walmart. They can be both small businesses or large conglomerates or really can be anyone, that uses Walmart or Amazon’s marketplace to sell directly to customers.    Amazon and Walmart allow third-party sellers to list their products on […]

The Complete Guide to Amazon Brand Registry and Why It’s Important for Your Business

Brand Registry Trademark

The Complete Guide to Amazon Brand Registry and Why It’s Important for Your Business What Is Brand Registry On Amazon? Amazon Brand Registry is a program that allows sellers to protect their brands, after verifying they have a trademark (or pending application) for the brand. Brand Registry gives access to extra advertising types, enhanced analytics […]

The Rise of Recruitment AI and Machine Learning

Hiring with Ai

AI can change the recruiting landscape for HR professionals by providing them with a tool that can save time and reduce bias, making it easier to find the best professionals and level the playing field for all candidates.

A/B Testing Amazon Listings

Quin Amorim

How to Start Increasing Sales on Amazon by Implementing A/B Testing Unfortunately, there are no 3rd party tools that perform true A/B testing on Amazon, since we can’t have duplicate listings. True A/B tests need to run simultaneously so times and dates don’t affect performance. But there are some Amazon seller tools that perform Before and After tests, […]

Start Selling On Amazon

Prolific Amazon Account Management

Introduction: What is Selling on Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest online store, and it has a huge marketplace for sellers. Amazon is the place where people can buy anything, from books to groceries to clothes and electronics. Sellers of all kinds are welcome on Amazon, as long as they are following the rules set […]

What is Amazon FBA Business?

What is Amazon FBA Business

What Is An Amazon FBA Business?   It’s safe to say that if you have not personally purchased goods from Amazon, you certainly know people who have. The internet retail giant is a massive player in the modern world of commerce and has become even more so in the past year as high street retailers […]

The eCommerce Agency Story

Quin Amorim founder at Prolific Zone

The eCommerce Agency Story A description of the company and the products/services we offer At Prolific Zone, we manage seller accounts on Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.Businesses hire us to manage and grow their brands online using your eCommerce expertise, from product launches, marketing campaigns, store development, SEO, and even customer support.Prolific Zone is a Full-service eCommerce […]

What is Private Label?

Private Label Development

WHAT IS PRIVATE LABEL? (Short Version)Private labeling a product means you are putting your brand (label) on a product manufactured by a 3rd party manufacturer, therefore making it your own.   (Extended Version) Private label selling is when you purchase generic products, normally for a very reduced price and in bulk from another manufacturer, and […]